2011 Yoga Travel Retreats

The new year brings crisp and energizing open doors for rest, reflection and physical and profound arousing at the numerous yoga travel withdraws all through the schedule months. The current year’s yoga withdraw lineup is loaded including warm escapes with glittering and colorful projects to the amazing, unadulterated and chilly perspectives that give a feeling of clearness and drenching. This year, be set up to liven your faculties and detoxify your body to give yourself a recently discovered feeling of prosperity. 2011 Yoga travel retreats will give you all that you’re searching for and enable you to come back to the adjust condition of being that is intrinsically you.

Return of the Goddess Retreat

Where:: Umbria, Italy

At the point when: May fourteenth – 21st, 2011

Cost: ¢1,795,00 – ¢2,595.00


Situated in the core of Italy, the private château and moving slopes is amazing with their welcome to epitomize the goddess inside you through 5Rhythms Dance, Yoga and Meditation. These practices will weave an offering that grounds and focuses you in the female and the manly. Lucia Horan, who researches the moves of the female through 3 stages; streaming, turmoil and stillness, will instruct 5Rhythms happy move. This is a 7-night withdraw at the Locanda Del Gallo. There are flavorful and sound day by day dinners, every day 5Rhythms Dance, day by day Yoga and contemplation and a day outing to the medieval town of Assisi or Siena.

Captivating India Yoga Tour

Where: South India

At the point when: February 14 – 26, 2011

Cost: $2,208 – $3,208

Settled in the consecrated town of Tiruvannamalai, the home of Arunachala, the most seasoned mountain on Earth, wedded couple Corrine and Satya gives visitor visits around their cherished home, that is ready with exceptional hues, locales and hints of the lovely and antiquated lifestyle around them. This yoga travel withdraw guarantees ayuredic rubs, scrumptious Indian food, Indian craftsmanship, reasoning and music. You’ll have the chance to think in holes on the sacred mountain Arunachala. This charming yoga travel withdraw incorporates airplane terminal pickup and drop off, 3 scrumptious vegan dinners daily, filtered water with suppers, yoga classes and night music. This is a 13-day visit.

Anusara Yoga Jungle Immersion 3 with B.J. Galvan

Where: Costa Rica

At the point when: March 26 – April 2, 2011

Cost: $1,345 – $1,595

Cross the edge and develop your yoga hone with this stand-out Anusara Yoga Jungle Immersion. Situated at the Hacienda del Sol in San Juanillo, Costa Rica, this withdraw concentrates on the life attesting logic of the Anusara Yoga convention and encapsulating the Universal Principles of Alignment. Your trip will be invigorated rationally and physically and profoundly with ensured Anusara teacher B.J. Galvan. Her invigorating nearness will infectiously elevate you as you investigate central standards of Bhagavad-Gita, Dharma and Paths of Yoga. This incorporates 7 evenings settlement at the Hacienda del Sol, every single day by day feast (70% crude and living nourishments, eggs accessible and angle offered a few times) crude sustenance classes and skin purifying mud showers. There will be open doors for individual spare time to investigate the zone and discretionary climbing, stand up paddle loading up, or kayaking outings ($60).

Bikram Yoga Green Valley Holiday Retreat

Where: St. Lucia

At the point when: February 20 – 27, 2011

Cost: $1695+

Delighted hot yoga in amazing St. Lucia, which is known for its fog secured mountains, tumbling waterfalls and wonderful shorelines, you will encounter delectable lunch of crisp nearby passage on the edge of the marina, gourmet supper at one of the neighborhood eateries with your new yoga family, quiet evenings of rest with stunning quietness, sun washing on the shoreline, invigorating back rubs, or even a zip-line enterprise visit however the wilderness and riding horseback on the shoreline. Julie Hord, a previous artist/display takes you on an adventure to improve as an and genuine adaptation of yourself with the act of Bikram Yoga. Classes are discretionary and late toward the evening.

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