Adult Orthodontics: What You Need to Know 

You might be seeking a Bowie orthodontist to help improve the alignment of your adult teeth. Many adults decide to get braces when an issue with alignment makes the teeth grind or fail to bite properly.

What other reasons do adults come to us for orthodontics?

Some have had work done earlier in life, but the results weren’t great or didn’t seem to last. Others might not have been able to afford the work earlier in life, and now have the means to pursue modern orthodontic treatment.

Some clients have crowded teeth that have been difficult to keep clean. Other people need extra space in order to accommodate an implant, or some other work that their regular dentists might have recommended.

And many of our adult clients decide to get orthodontic treatment simply to achieve a nicer smile.

Good News: Today, Many Adults Wear Braces To Achieve the Smile They’ve Long Wanted

Did you know the number of adults opting for orthodontia has increased nearly 40% in the last 20 years? Many adults who finish the treatment find that not only their teeth have changed — so has the harmony of their facial features.

Adults today have many excellent options in orthodontia, although realigning teeth takes a little extra work in an adult mouth. In some cases, working with crowded teeth can involve extractions that a younger client with a growing mouth would not need. Orthodontic work on an adult mouth can span 18 to 36 months to achieve its full potential. The wearing of a retainer may follow, to be sure the results will last.

We offer braces for adult clients because we, like you, believe it’s never too late to obtain a better smile. In fact, one in every four our clients who come to Labbe Family Orthodontics is an adult. Our practice has many years of experience in giving grown-ups the same outstanding care we offer to our younger clientele.

With leading-edge equipment and well-known expertise, our offices can perform the exceptional orthodontic work you’re seeking.

At Labbe Family Orthodontics, Client Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority

Your Bowie orthodontist can help you decide if braces are a good plan for you. We are pleased to offer you a complimentary evaluation, so that our experts can work with you as you chart your path to a better smile.

For your convenience, we also have offices in Annapolis, Greenbelt, Crofton & Gambrills, and all offer the same services.

So why not call our offices today at (443) 603-3448? We’d be glad to set up an appointment for you in Bowie or one of our other Maryland locations.

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