Affordable Alternatives to Hair Transplant to treat baldness

Hair transplant is a popular hair loss treatment which is widely used across the globe. But it is one of the most expensive treatment methods too. Not everyone can afford such an expensive treatment and hence it is important to try out other options for hair loss treatment that are less expensive. Before looking out for other solutions for hair loss let us first understand what hair transplant treatment is?

What is hair transplant?

This is a surgical procedure that requires the removal of hair from one part of the scalp and transplants it to another area of the scalp. This is generally performed under the guidance of an expert hair restoration surgeon. Although it cannot completely cure hair loss, it reduces the appearance of balding and may help in reactivating hair growth in some cases. There are some common side effects and risks associated with hair transplant which includes postoperative edema, numbness, bacterial folliculitis, donor scar, failure of hair growth of transplanted hairs. A hair transplant usually costs between some thousands and it varies depending on the surgeon, location, severity of hair loss and type of hair transplant.

Less expensive treatment options in place of hair transplant

  • Low light laser therapy

Popularly known as LLLT, this is an experimental treatment where the target areas of hair loss are treated with lasers. It works by stimulating the anagen phase to increase the rate of growth of hair follicles. It also aims at preventing the premature catagen phase of the hair follicles. The treatment is done with the help of LLLT comb or helmet and it costs around thousands. It is an on-going treatment that will require multiple sessions for producing the effect.

  • Microneedling

This involves usage of microneedles in order to create wounds in the scalp. The healing procedure of the wounds on the scalp involves inflammation, proliferation and then remodelling or maturation. This process works by stimulating the collagen production in the scalp and also new skin cells are formed. These new cells are capable of producing healthy new strands of hair. If you are buying a derma roller for yourself it can cost between thousands. The in-office procedure of micro needling would cost a few hundred dollars.

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma

This is not much popular hair loss treatment option but according to research, it has a promising future. It includes removal of blood from the patient’s body and then extracting the plasma from it and this plasma is then injected into the areas of hair loss. This procedure can cost in the range of thousands.


If you are looking for alternative treatment options for hair loss, then there are numerous natural as well as surgical hair loss treatments available in the market. You can choose them according to your preference as well as budget. But if you are looking for surgical methods like hair transplant, make sure the clinic is a certified one with adequate medical support and expertise.

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