Caring For Your Hearing Aids

Many people, including you, reading this article, take your senses for granted. Nobody ever expects to suffer from hearing impairment someday or have a loved one loss their senses, either. Many times, we don’t appreciate our senses until one or more is damaged in some way. We don’t usually give the much-needed attention to our sense of hearing and it is important to keep our ears healthy. There are many ways to keep your ear in good condition. These include regular exercise, eating healthy food, and purchasing hearing aids to enhance your sense of hearing. Refrain from putting any foreign object into your eardrum all because you want to have it clean and healthy.

Is your hearing aids device malfunctioning? How do you care for your hearing aids to guarantee long-lasting performance? There are many different ways to care for your hearing aids. With proper care and maintenance, the need for hearing aid repairs will be reduced dramatically. Here are some ways to take care of your hearing aids

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  • Battery door – This part of your hearing aid is used virtually on a daily basis. If the device is not in use, keep the battery doors open. In most case, skin oil, dirt, and grime build up around the edges of the battery doors. Clean the edges of the battery door using a specialized brush, which is usually provided by your hearing aid specialist or manufacturer.
  • Memory buttons – Hearing aids come with memory buttons. Some hearing aids can use up to five memories for different environments. However, the longevity of your hearing aid depends on care. Clean the memory buttons with a brush to get rid o the oils on your skin as well as dirt that build up on the device.
  • Moisture – Since moisture can affect an entire building, then your devices are nowhere safe. No electronic device will function as expected when stored in a moist environment. That’s exactly the same environment your hearing aids stay in for several hours. However, if your hearing aid shuts off and turns on by itself it shows that the device has a moisture problem. Many people think the best solution to this problem is putting the device into the microwave to dry them out. Hell no! This will only worsen the problem. Don’t try this as it will fry the circuitry. Fortunately, most hearing aids come with moisture guard box which helps keep the device moisture free.

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