Crowdfunding for martial arts classes in schools

Education is important as it equips us to deal with the world outside. This is why some subjects like mathematics and languages are important and is taught to students on a compulsory basis. However, these are not the only subjects worth teaching in a school. There are many more life skills which are left out of the curriculum. One of these is martial arts. A martial art form is a disciplined practice of self-defense. Various martial arts forms run on various belief systems. But they can be a essential component to the education of students particularly girls. Women are subjected to violence in our society and learning a martial art form does indeed empower you to fight back. This does not certainly mean that the onus of protecting oneself should be on the victim. Perpetrators should be brought to justice and the process of seeking justice should be made simpler for the woman.

Martial arts training does not just physically prepare you to fight back. It mentally prepares you for emergencies and makes you a more organized person. In schools that are run by charities and NGOs, martial arts training can enable you to keep your mind organized. Students in charity run schools often find themselves unable to deal with the pressures of home and studying. Having a place to beat off some steam is perhaps a very good idea. Martial arts training can create a better educational space.

Various things need to be kept in mind in order to start a martial arts program in a school.

  1. Availability of space
  2. Availability of funds
  3. Hiring of teachers

If funds are not available, the organization can resort to crowdfunding their classes. Crowdfunding for education is necessary and important as India’s educational sector has a huge gap between the quality of education imparted to the rich and the poor. Hence, chalking out an effective plan for crowdfunding education is a good idea. I have attempted to do that here.

  1. Search for a crowdfunding website that has experience in education crowdfunding. Your site must also be able to provide you with a campaign manager in exchange for the service fees you provide.
  2. You have to now start a fundraiser detailing your plans about educational crowdfunding. There are certain things you can do to make your fundraiser more appealing so that it gets more donations.
  1. You can make a video of children practicing martial arts.
  2. You can make a video of students in your school talking about their desire to learn martial arts.
  • You can have comments by teachers and experts in the area commenting on the usefulness of martial arts.
  1. You can also have child psychologists talk about martial arts.
  2. However, do not forget the central idea should be to raise money, so you should also be able to explain why you need the funds in the first place.
  3. Once your fundraiser is done, you can share it on social media and over email. You can send it to all your friends and family. However, remember the goal of crowdfunding is to go beyond the echo chamber. So you need to reach out to people you do not know. For this you need enough number of people promoting your campaign.
  4. One way of promoting your campaign is to form a dedicated team. Your team can then share your fundraiser on different social media platforms, contact all their other contacts and start this work.
  5. If you think one fundraiser will not have enough reach, you can start a number of fundraisers. These will be called support fundraisers and raise a part of the money.

At the end of the crowdfunding education is a risk free and low investment way to raise money for educational purposes. Therefore, it is imperative that the campaigner is responsible. They should inform all their contributors about the progress made by their project.

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