Depression: How To Fight This Silent Killer

What kind of life we are living have you ever thought about it? Stressful and the whole day hectic and can’t even have time to think about your health and mind, and what it all for? According to the studies, India is the most depressed country. Once in their lifetime people of India get to suffer from depression. This scenario is quite a dire one that everyone should think about this particular topic.

Many of the medicines are available in the market and online stores but if we say that there is something natural or herbal that can treat your depression, then for a mental patient nothing is better than that. A marijuana plant that is grown because of its medicinal properties helps in treating many of the fatal diseases. Cannabis oil or CBD oil is best proven in treating anxiety and depression.

People most of the time seen talking about dengue and swine flu but what about depression. Depression is not a topic for elevator conversation as people find it quite normal. But they are absolutely wrong many of the cases get worse if depression is not treated on time. Depression is deadly and this should be clear in everyone’s mind.

If you see any of your loved one suffering from any kind of mental illness then you can suggest or take the help of organizations that have the proper procedure to deal with such kind of mental issues. If you are going to doctors having a mental illness then there is another option for you that is online resources. Some of the online organizations are there that give therapy sessions to help minor mental illness patients. And they are effective as another face to face therapy works. Depression can affect you in many ways like sleeping difficulties, sadness, weight loss, loss of energy and social withdrawal.

Proper treatment is needed to get rid of such mental illness known as depression. If depression gets untreated then many of the side effects come in front:

  • It can spoil your relationship and you get isolated from family and friends
  • Sleeping disorders also are known as insomnia. If it happens it results in loss of energy and weight loss
  • The severity of depression leads to befriend of alcohol and drugs. Sometimes memory loss also is seen in such patients
  • Suicidal attempts are the most horrible effect that one suffers when the depression remains untreated

Untreated depression can leads to madness and symptoms if seen one must get alert and take appropriate action.  Medication and therapy is the solution for this silent killer but the most important thing that one must go through is giving the mental patient attention and spending time with them. Sometimes, time and caring works faster on the mental patient then the medicines. Having the healthy environment and sharing time with your loved ones helps to deal with such kind of dire situations. Depression is not a disease that is inevitable but it can be resolved by yoga, exercise, and healthy lifestyle.

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