Drug addiction treatment in Florida 

For those battling alcohol and substance abuse, the one-size-fits-all treatment approach doesn’t apply. That’s because individuals deal with different levels and types of addiction. As such, the various drug rehab centers in Florida use different treatment programs to suit the needs of every client. Below are the different types of drug addiction treatment programs;

Inpatient Treatment Programs

Together with the outpatient program, they’re the most common types of the rehab programs recognized in the US. Also called the residential treatment program, the inpatient treatment program requires that the patient lives in the rehab facility full-time for round-the-clock care.

In such a setting, the patients are separated from their everyday life, families, and friends so they can focus entirely on their recovery. Most of the drug rehabilitation centers in Florida have multidisciplinary professional staff who offer support in their reflection, healing and recovery journey.

Outpatient Treatment Program

Where the addiction is not severe, or the clients are unable to drop everything and move in for a residential treatment program, the outpatient program is usually the alternative. This program offers relatively all the services provided in a residential setting including detoxification, counseling and at time mental health psychological services.

However, the patient will be attending the treatment every day from home meaning they can continue with their work or attend school. Besides, compared to the inpatient rehab treatment program, the outpatient is way inexpensive.

Community-Based Programs

Rather than a facility, the victims of alcohol and substance abuse get subjected to traditional program set-up by the local community. The programs are universal, free and therefore can attract those who cannot afford the rehab centers in Florida.

Most of the community programs apply the 12-step treatment model. The patients have to enroll and attend almost every day where they get help in recovery to once again lead a sober life.

Religious Treatment Programs

Religious-based rehabilitation programs use the same medical and therapeutic approach offered by the conventional drug rehab. However, while doing so, they emphasize on the spiritual healing and well-being.

Religious-based rehab programs work best for individuals who’ve been brought up in a religious setting and feel the need to go back to their way of life.

Individualized Drug Counseling

This program touches on a couple of things. Included are efforts to lower or stop the illicit alcohol and drug abuse, employment status, crimes, family/friends relationship and more.

Individualized drug counseling is usually highly efficient due to the focus on the short-term goals. It seeks to provide coping strategies for the victims while offering the support needed, so they don’t relapse.

Find a Drug Rehab Center in Florida

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