Guide To Help You Decide the Best Memory Care Facilities in Phoenix AZ

It may be difficult to decide the best memory care facilities in Phoenix AZ for your loved one especially when you have certain requirements that must be met. This is why this article has been compiled to help you in the evaluation of different facilities. The information you will find here will guide you to critically evaluate your choices. Eventually, you can accurately select the best facility that correlates with your loved one’s needs.

When you get to one of the memory care facilities in Phoenix AZ, you will be introduced to the Director of Admissions. Then, you will be taken on a tour through the facility. Whilst on tour, designate numbers 1 to 5 (5 is the highest) to every item in the facility. Add those numbers. The trick is that you will accurately determine the extent to which your loved one will like the facility when the sum of the numbers is high.

Here are useful nuggets:

  1. The friendliness and high knowledge of the staff and the Director of Admissions is highly important.
  2. Your ability to afford the facility largely depends on the Director of Admissions.
  3. The Director of Admissions genuinely cares about the condition of your loved one. Normal questions such person will ask are: “what level of care does your loved one receive presently?”, “how is the care provided?”, “highlight their likes and dislikes, favourite shows and food, hobbies, and routines.”
  4. You will be given a ‘storybook’ which you are expected to fill so that they will have an insight about the patient. The information provided in this book is the tool they use to give appropriate care and attention to the concerned patient.
  5. Consistent and accurate training of the staff ensures that they always give their residents the best treatment.
  6. Since Alzheimer’s is absolutely complex, one of the effects is falling. The staff makes precautionary moves to prevent residents from falling. An individual called the ‘Power of Attorney’ may sign a waiver which expresses the right of an individual to use alarm mats or bed rails if need be.

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