Holiday Emergency? In New York, Urgent Medical Care Is Always Near  

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Holidays and Medical Emergencies

What’s one of the most misunderstood parts of the festive season? The stress related to all this hustle-bustle is not just mental. It can be hard on the body, too.

People may delay routine healthcare before the holidays. Time and attention go into party plans, going shopping, trying out recipes, decorating, and entertaining the children. Travel may also get in the way of self-care. And some insurance coverage allowances await replenishing on New Year’s Day.

Then, at the parties, most of us eat and drink our fill.

If you, a friend, or a relative feels a weight above the stomach, or pressure on the chest, stop and pay attention. Don’t assume it must be heartburn or indigestion.

The Elephant on Your Chest

That’s how people describe cardiac ischemia. It is often the signal of a heart attack.

It happens when the blood, which delivers oxygen to the heart, has to work through constricted coronary arteries.

Sometimes, the Grinch Who Stole Christmas is a heart attack. Coronary emergencies spike during the Christmas and Hanukkah season, with fatal attacks peaking on Dec. 25-26 and on the New Year’s holiday.

Do not put off emergency care when symptoms call for it. If tests at the emergency care facility show a heart attack in process, and significant damage has already occurred, then the client will face problems that could have been averted or at least diminished by quicker action.

Risky Mix: Party Foods and Stress

Too much party food, combined with the stress often associated with holidays, can bring undetected health conditions to the surface.

During the festivities, people may put an unusual amount of salt, sugar, and fats into their systems. These foods create an extra burden for our hearts.

And if your heart is straining to get enough oxygen because the arteries are constricted, stress will make your heart work that much harder.

What are the signs of a possible heart attack?

  • Pain or pressure on the chest or upper abdomen.
  • Pain between the shoulder blades.
  • Pain in the jaw or left arm.

If You Drink, Drink Responsibly

Too much holiday drinking can be harmful or even fatal, as there’s no antidote for alcohol poisoning.

So enjoy the New Year’s Eve party, but be careful.

And when doing an “urgent care center near me” search, note that our urgent care locations have holiday hours.

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