How to protect yourself from chronic alcoholism

The decision to stop drinking is a first step when there is alcohol dependence and a period of chronic alcoholism. The detoxification course makes it easier to pass the withdrawal period with the appropriate medical and psychological help.

What is anAlcohol detox?

An Alcohol detox treatment is used to treat people whose alcohol dependence is proven and to help them cope with withdrawal symptoms.These alcoholic detoxification programs take place in a clinic or hospital and last on average between 2 and 4 weeks, but the medical staff remains available to listen to the patient once the cure is over.

During this course, the patient receives medication and psychological counseling, which will help him overcome alcohol withdrawal.In general, the costs of the cure are covered by health insurance, if you have a medical prescription. In addition, care can remain completely anonymous.

Why do anAlcohol detox?

When one becomes addicted to alcohol and suffers the consequences of chronic alcoholism, it may become essential to stop drinking. However alcohol withdrawal is a very delicate phase and in some people withdrawal symptoms may be impressive and difficult to overcome, such as delirium tremens. In this case, starting a detox may be the best solution.Moreover, in some people, weaning at home is unthinkable, and again, a detox seems to be the most appropriate treatment. This is the case for:

  • Heavy drinkers;
  • Single people;
  • Depressed people;
  • People who have previously attempted alcohol withdrawal who have failed.

How to start a rehab?

It is the patient himself who must make the request and therefore be willing to enter the clinic and follow his detox.

Choose your path: Once you become aware of your alcohol addiction, the first step is to talk to your family doctor. He can refer you to a detoxification center.If you are refractory to hospitalization and your degree of dependence allows, there is the possibility of detoxification by outpatient: the medical monitoring is daily, but the patient returns home every evening.

Ask yourself the right questions: To choose the right detox, follow the advice of your doctor and ask yourself the right questions:

  • Am I motivated enough?
  • Will not the temptation be too hard if I come home every night?
  • Will I be supported by my entourage?

Life After a detox

Treating alcohol dependence sometimes requires more than a detox. That’s why aftercare has been put in place. These postcures welcome weaned people wishing to receive additional support. They usually last between 1 and 3 months.

It must not be forgotten that a patient suffering from chronic alcoholism cannot, after his detoxification, believe that he will be able to return to “normal” consumption. Indeed, any drop of alcohol can call into question all weaning.The pursuit of psychotherapy initiated during the treatment, as well as participation in a group of speech, are all ways to put in place to minimize the risk of relapse.

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