Indoor-Friendly Plants For Elders

Bringing the outdoors inside the home can do great wonders for the health and mood. Flowers or any greenery inside a home can help reduce anxiety, stress, blood pressure and they help improve mental health. Research with hospital patients in The Netherlands identifies that when indoor plants are placed inside their rooms, the patients feel less stress than those without plants.

Such findings will then be applicable for the elders who are in nursing care settings like home healthcare agency Houston. Also, plants can reduce noise coming from outdoors, and they work as natural air purifiers. Now, everything in mention is all beneficial for our dear elders.

Indoor Gardening With Indoor- Friendly Plants

With all the proven health advantages, it would then be a great hobby that we can have our seniors do. The seniors who are living in small homes or units in the continuing care retirement communities will benefit from growing indoor plants. Aside from the health benefits that plants provide, the growing part is an additional hobby or activity for them. They don’t necessarily need to have the green thumb to be successful with indoor gardening. The seniors can work with easy-to-grow plants.

5 Indoor-Friendly Plants For Elders To Have

  1. Peperomia

Native to South and Central America, this plants is a semi-succulent which requires similar care requirements. It has spiky projections, and this waxy plant prefers to be in humid conditions. The peperomia even flourish under fluorescent lights.

  1. Tillandsia

Air plants or Tillandsia are popular as being easy to grow. This plants will still need attention to live a healthy life. With proper care, Tillandsias can live for a long lifespan and will provide the owner “pups” for more additional air plants to take care of and enjoy.

  1. Peace Lily

Just like many other indoor plants, the peace lily likes to be in the medium to low light. The Peace lily can grow up to 6 feet tall, so it’s best to check the type you’re buying and ask for it’s estimated height when grown. These are plants with super benefits as they can filter toxins from the air, this is according to NASA.

  1. Cast- Iron Plant

This plant lives to its name, sturdy and best plant to have for those difficult-to-fill spaces in deep shade. Aspidistra elatior is its scientific name, a lush, leafy, fuss-free evergreen which can tolerate any growing conditions like heat, dry shade, and aridity.

An easy to care indoor plant for those low-light conditions.

  1. Kalanchoe

They are not hard to grow, and those of the flowering varieties are fun to have due to their very colorful bell-shaped flowers. It is a succulent with water retaining capabilities. It requires very little care, and the Kalanchoes can quickly adapt to temperature swings and dry climates. It can even withstand 45-degree winter weather.

Elders and seniors in homes can have hobbies that are beneficial to them. The indoor plants above are easy to take care and are of no ill-effects towards seniors. They are practically safe for tending and can brighten up their stay at homes.

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