Malibu 520 Treadmill

If you are looking for the ultimate home trainer for your mini gym at home then Malibu 520 Treadmill is the best option. It enables you to brisk walk which easily targets your fitness goals.  Treadmills have the flat and the predictable surface which allow you to walk, job or even run at your own pace in a controlled manner.

  1. Pros: Malibu 520 Treadmill is built with the shock absorption system which reduces the stress on the joints and knees. Rightly cushioned surface is there to make your feet comfortable. Create your own workout program tailored to your needs with attractive user interface.
  2. Cons:  It is little bit expensive than the other types of workout machines. You can only walk and run which restricts the workout of your arms and shoulders. Running on smooth surface  prevents your agility.
  3. Short summary: Malibu 520 is one of the most popular treadmills of Malibu series. It enables the individuals to walk on the belt. From brisk walking to running at the speed of 12 MPH, you can walk at any speed on this. The foraged metallic body adds durability to your home gym equipment.
  4. About the machine: This machine helps you to target the cardiovascular health. This fitness machine enables you to feel as if you are walking on the air. The uniquely specialized motor is there which helps in reducing the annoyance due to the loud machines. It has the standard LED display with 3 phase AC motor to allow smooth functioning of the machine.
  5. Our favorite features
  • Orthopedic belt is there which is thicker than the normal belt
  • Forged steel frame adds durability
  • It has an attractive display which include Quick Start / Manual Mode and Countdown mode 
  • This treadmill is compatible with USB
  • Build-in powerful speakers
  1. Notable specs
Size 5L x 57H x 34W
Size for running 60L x 20W
Weight capacity 396 lbs
Speed range 0.6-12 mph
Orthopedic belt Yes
Motor 3 phase A/C Motor 
  1. 7. Our least favorite features

Not all the muscles are involved during the workout. It can be boring to walk on the same place and reaching nowhere. Assembling can be complicated.

  1. The bottom line

Malibu 520 Treadmill is the superb item to purchase in this range. Its level of durability and usability makes it stand separated from the other types of work out machines. You can easily keep it in your home and enjoy jogging anytime you feel like.

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