Memory Care Facilities in Saint Paul, Minnesota: Is it Time to Cut Back on Activities?

Having Alzheimer’s or other memory disease do not hinder a person from enjoying life. A person can still experience love and joy while having dementia. Memory care facilities in Saint Paul Minnesota organize recreational activities to keep residents joyful. Other programs are also organized to enhance the cognitive ability of residents. More significantly, all programs should focus on the resident favorite activity and according to the stages of the disease.

Residents should also be allowed to participate in housekeeping activities. Special events should be organized for them once in a while. Family members can also help their loved one to stay connected to life by visiting them regularly. Regular visits will reassure them of your love. Below are some tips to know when to cut back.

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  1. Lack of participation – Is your loved one not fully participating in the activities organized by the facility? Lack of participation in a certain activity tells you a lot about his/her health condition. It could also be that he/she is not motivated. Try to figure out the main reason why your loved one is not interested in any of the activities.
  2. Health condition – Physical health challenges can make your loved one want to cut back. Therefore it is imperative to inform the management about the health condition of hour love one. The health problem could include the following;
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Poor eyesight
  • Respiratory problem etc
  1. Fatigue- Take a close look at your loved one to see if he/she easily gets tired during activities. It could be that he rests often or falls asleep easily during activities. In that case, it is time to cut back on any activity that requires physical effort.
  2. Change in interest- This involves not finding delight in the activities he enjoys before. For instance, when your dad suddenly lost interest in having dinner at your house as he uses to, it is either he is reluctant to come or that he is in a hurry to leave. It is clear that he no longer enjoys dinner at your place. In such situation, it is best to change the setting and have dinner at his place instead of yours.
  3. When memory joggers are not working- memory joggers are very effective in dementia patients. In fact, they serve as memory substitute. They include short notes, calls, signs on cabinets etc. If you notice that these memory joggers are no longer effective, it is an indication that dementia has become worse.

Note that, unless you notice the above characteristics before you can cut back on some activities. Activities enhance a person’s sense of dignity and self-esteem. This means that not all activities should be eliminated. Only the one that poses a threat to your loved one should be cut back. In other words, continue with the activities your loved one enjoys most and discontinue others that he doesn’t.  

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