New addiction treatment plans in 2018

It’s time to save you loved one life

According to The National Institute on Drug Abuse, of the estimated 22.5 million peoples are classified as having a drug abuse or addiction problem, only about 4 million will receive the care they need to heal. If you or someone you care about struggles with drug dependence, don’t wait any longer to get help. Drug rehab is crucial for individuals addicted to drugs. The combination of therapies and medical detox helps patients stop using illicit substances and learn how to live a sober life. The bad news is some patients may find the number available to be overwhelming. The good news is there are many treatment options available so every patient can find a program that meets his needs.

Types of addiction treated at Rehab

Few drug rehabilitation centers cater to a specific kind of addiction. Rather, most rehabs will provide a treatment program that speaks to the medical and psychological issues of each patient, no matter what drug is being abused.While each of these forms of addiction have differences, the best drug rehab center focus on the universal elements of addiction. This approach leads to greater levels of success for patients.

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What is the difference between drug abuse and addiction?

Drug abuse is defined as the regular abuse of any illicit substance including alcohol over the course of a year with negative consequences. These negative consequences can be financial, interpersonal, work-related, legal, health-related – anything that changes the patient’s experience of day-to-day life for the worse.  Drug addiction is defined as a chronic disease characterized by drug seeking and use that is compulsive, or difficult to control, despite harmful consequences. It is possible to be physically dependent upon a drug without having an addiction to the substance. However, when addiction is an issue, the negative consequences experienced during drug abuse become overwhelming, which makes it impossible for the patient to function in relationships with others, at work, at school or in the community.

Why to contact with drug addiction treatment centers?

Centers treatment are focused on helping the patient to feel comfortable in the program and assisting the medical team in better understanding the needs of the individual patient. The doctors and therapists must be familiar with the patient’s drug history, mental health history and medical history in order to create a personalized treatment plan that will be effective.If the patient has physical dependence and/or withdrawal symptoms, detox is the first step after diagnostic evaluation. Patients may receive medication if warranted and begin the process of the psychotherapeutic care that will define the bulk of their rehab experience.


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