sEssential Tips for Surgery Preparation at Your Brooklyn Hospital  

Nothing stops your heart faster than realizing your child is sick. Most illnesses and minor injuries come and go on their own, but others require medical intervention. Pediatric ERs provide qualified pediatric staff around the clock. Doctors and other staff at your Brooklyn hospital are trained in techniques that ease your child’s fear. During this process, X-rays become an adventure rather than a scary procedure, and fun distractions make blood work and shots less traumatic.

Here are some essential tips to help your child prepare for surgery.

Explain the Surgery to Your Child

Get a handle on your child’s condition so that you can address his fears and questions calmly. Explaining the reason for the surgery directly with soothing words helps to ease his mind. However, you should avoid distressing language, such as “the doctor will cut you” or “they sew you up with a needle.” Instead, tell him the doctors are going to fix him so that he feels better. Let him know that other kids have faced this procedure and gone on to resume their daily routine.

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In order to avoid additional stress, be as detailed and honest as you can. Kids can sense when adults are withholding information.

Handling Fears About Pain

It’s common for children to fear that the operation will hurt or that they won’t wake up after falling asleep. You can explain that the anesthesiologist is a special doctor who knows how to put kids asleep safely and who keeps the operation from hurting.

What to Bring on the Day of the Surgery

Ask your child to help you prepare a checklist of things she will need on the day of the surgery. Then, ask her to help you pack a bag the day before pediatric surgery at your Brooklyn hospital. This lets her establish a sense of control over the process. Include comfortable clothes and an extra set of clothing. her favorite toy or blanket, and (for very young children) a special sippy cup or pacifier they’re fond of.

You’ll need containers for your child’s glasses, contacts and hearing aids, and don’t forget to organize any medication you or your child may need during her Brooklyn hospital stay. It’s a good idea to bring along computers or tablets to play games or watch movies during her post-op hospital stay.

Encourage Questions

A successful post-op recovery starts with getting your child ready for surgery. Encourage any questions your child may have, because the more he understands, the less likely he is to be afraid on surgery day.

Choose a Brooklyn hospital with an excellent pediatric ER and around-the-clock access to caring pediatric ER professionals.

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