The Difference In Effects When You Compare Sativa Vs. Indica

When you compare sativa vs. indica you will come to know about a lot of difference between the two cannabis plants. While bot can be used as medicinal cannabis to treat a wide variety of disorders and common medical conditions, it is the features of both that make these uniquely different from one another. Ideally, when medicinal cannabis are used in controlled portion as directed it results in promoting a sense of increased physical relaxation, mental peace, reduction from pain sensations, increase in appetite, and promoting sleep. However, both these varieties of medicinal cannabis plants provide different set of benefits.

Features of indica

When you understand the difference between indica and sativa, you will be able to choose the right strain according to your requirement. Apart from the medicinal benefits, the indica strains will provide a feeling of deep body relaxation. These short and bushy plants have wider leaves and grow faster than the sativa variety resulting in higher yield. Any medicine produced from this plant usually has higher THC and CBD counts. It increases mental and muscle relaxation, decreases nausea and acute pain, increases appetite and dopamine. This helps in controlling the neurotransmitter in the brain that controls reward and pleasure centers. This is meant for night time use.

Cannabis sativa features

The cannabis sativa plants are tall, thin and have narrow leaves. The green color is lighter than indica and takes a long to grow and mature. It also requires more light and the medicines produced from kit have higher THC and lower CBD counts. The major qualities of it are that it cats as anti-anxiety and anti-depressant. It can treat chronic pain, increases creativity and focus. Meant for day time use it increases serotonin, the neurotransmitter that regulates learning, sleep, mood, anxiety and appetite. Knowing these differences, you can now place your order with more confidence.

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