Top 6 Supplements for Men’s Health

We all know that vitamin C is good for a healthy immune system and vitamin D keeps your bones, skin, and hair healthy, butt do you know which vitamins and minerals are important in maintaining your health as a man?

While you don’t want to stop eating a wholesome diet, participating in routine exercise, and enjoying the benefits of your Cialis discount program, there are supplements you can take to further boost your health.

Keep reading to learn about the 6 best supplements to support your health for years to come.

  1. Calcium

Did you know that the recommended daily dose of calcium in men is 1,000 mg? If you’re like most men, chances are you’re falling way short of that number. Calcium is beneficial in that it strengthens your bones, which is especially useful for aging men. The nutrient is also helpful in weight loss.

To maximize your calcium absorption, if you’re taking the pill form, look for calcium citrate. Aim to take 500mg in the morning and the rest at night. A wholesome diet can also help you meet your daily calcium needs. Generally if you eat more than three servings of dairy a day, you’ll meet or exceed your daily value.

  1. Chromium

While chromium is most well-known as a muscle-building supplement, the mineral is also beneficial in protecting the body against diabetes. Intake of chromium is especially important for those who have a family history of diabetes or those who are overweight/obese. Chromium helps with stabilizing insulin levels, allowing them to stay regulated. The mineral also improves the body’s insulin sensitivity, making it easier to manage blood sugar levels.

In order to meet you daily goals, aim for at least 35 mcg of chromium each day. In supplement form, look for chromium picolinate. Otherwise load your diet with:

  • Corn
  • Oats
  • Broccoli
  • Green beans
  • Sweet potato
  • Barley

With the right amount of chromium each day, you can minimize your risk of diabetes and similar health issues.

  1. Boron

Each year thousands of men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. While this form of the disease is generally treatable, there are ways to minimize your risk of prostate health issues. Studies have shown that boron is helpful in reducing prostate cancer risks. In fact, a 2015 study found that men who consumed around 1.8 mg/d of boron had a 52% lower chance of prostate cancer.

Boron can be taken in pill form, but it is also found in a variety of foods including prunes, dates, raisins, Brazilian nuts, and peanut butter. Grab a handful of nuts or trail mix and you’ve likely got the boron you need for the day!

  1. Folic Acid

When most people think about folic acid they immediately think of the mineral’s importance for pregnant women. Folic acid is also beneficial for men as it improves blood flow to the brain by reducing amino acids that increase the risk of blood clots. This minimizes the risk of clogged arteries an serious cardiovascular health issues like stroke and heart disease. Deficiencies in folic acid have also been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

To boost your heart and brain health, take at least 500 mcg a day. Supplements are available but your best bet is to eat plenty of beans, citrus fruit, fortified cereals, and asparagus.

  1. Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids, despite their name, are extremely good for heart health. Not only do they regulate your heartbeat, they also reduce the risk of blocked arteries and blood clots. With the proper amount of Omega-3s each day, you lessen the risk of suffering from heart disease.

Most men need at least 1,000 mg a day. If you have heart issues, your doctor may recommend a dosage up to 4,000 mg. The most common way to take Omega-3s is through capsule form, though be sure to take them with food to avoid fishy burps. Omega 3s can also be found in fatty fish, walnuts, eggs, and wild rice.

  1. Coenzyme Q10

As you’ve gotten older, have you noticed that your energy levels have dropped? If so, this may be caused by decreased levels of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). As we age, levels of the CoQ10 decrease, and the best way to get them back to youthful levels is to take a supplement.

Not only does coenzyme Q10 help with energy levels, it’s also shown to be useful in protecting the body against cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and others. Since coenzyme Q10 is chock full of antioxidants, the coenzyme may also be beneficial in slowing aging.

To get back to your energetic self, supplement your diet with 100mg of coenzyme Q10 a day. CoQ10 is also naturally occurring in sardines, beef, spinach, cauliflower, and broccoli. It can also be found in organ meats such as kidney, liver, and heart.


No matter how clean or healthy your diet is and no matter if you take a multivitamin or not, chances are you’re deficient in important vitamins and minerals. As a man, do your best to keep your health in tip top shape by paying close attention to these top 6 supplements.

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