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What to Expect On the First pediatric dentist Visit

Pediatricians recommend that the first medical appointment for small kids should be right after celebrating the first birthday. The chief aim of the first visit to the pediatric dentist is for you to learn about your kid’s oral health and how to ensure proper oral hygiene before problems arise. Besides, you’ll discuss the link between the diet and oral health.

You can get a one-year pass if your kid has transitioned from the bottle to the cup and doesn’t drink or snack at night. After that, dental check-up will be after every 6 months.

What to Expect On the First pediatric dentist Visit

It isn’t surprising for the kid to appear frightened and uncooperative. In that case, rescheduling may be necessary, so she gets used to the dental unit, the equipment and establishes trust with the dentist.

If the kid cooperates, then there will be a;

  • Thorough but gentle inspection of the developing teeth, gums, jaws, tongue to check any issues.
  • Possible x-ray
  • The pediatric dentist may demonstrate on proper dental care at home
  • Gentle cleaning to remove the plaque and tartar build-up.

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Getting Your Kid Ready for the First Dental Visit

If you want to make the best out of a pediatrician child’s first visit to the dentist, then you have to prepare adequately. Be sure to familiarize yourself with children oral care so you can know what to expect.

After that, choose a facility that’s child and parent-friendly. One that’s highly responsive, addresses the individual needs of your child and that’s gentle when handling your kid. That way, you can be sure your first visit will be a success.

Reasons for Regular Dental Check-Ups for Your Child

  • You’ll learn how to care for your child’s teeth.
  • Thorough cleaning of the tartar and plaque build-up to prevent the development of cavities or fight them before they get large.
  • A way to fix and prevent dental problems before they occur.
  • Get the child to overcome the fear of the dental check-up

How to find A Good Local Pediatrician Dentist

The most reliable way to get a good pediatrician for your kid’s first dental inspection is to ask for a recommendation from fellow parents. Weill Cornell Children’s Dental Center based in New York has a reputation caring pediatric dentists who offer expert gentle dental care for small children as well as big kids. A good number of our patients are referrals from satisfied parents who’ve been to our facility.

Thorough and Gentle First-Time Children’s Dental Check-Up

Weill Cornell Children Dental Center, NY offers careful dental pediatric dental inspection. Our two pediatrician dentists, Dr. Paula Ancelson, DMD and Dr. Vanessa Coupet, DMD are friendly, professional and will handle your child with ultimate care. Visit us at Helmsley Tower first Floor New York City or call us today at 1-855-765-0200.

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