What You Should Know About Benzos And Benzo Abuse

What Are Benzos?

The actual name for benzos is Benzodiazepines. Benzos are a medication that helps treat anxiety. This medication can also relax the muscles, promote sleep, and they help treat panic disorders. A few common benzos are Ativan, Xanax, Valium, and Librium.

Are Benzos Addicting?

Most doctors will prescribe benzos for just a short time because they are highly addictive. The more often a person takes benzos, the more they will need them. People become dependent on benzos for one of two reasons. First, in order to achieve the feeling that they had when they first started taking the drugs, they will take more and more. This is because a tolerance to the medication can begin to build. Over time, this can result in a full-blown addiction. Secondly, when the doctor stops prescribing the medication and the patient has become dependent on it, they will try to buy it illegally which can make the dependency even worse. After becoming dependent, a person would need to seek professional help at Yellowstone Recovery to beat the addiction.

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How Do Benzos Work?

Benzos are designed to affect the neurotransmitter, gamma-aminobutyric acid. This is also known as GABA. When increased levels of GABA are produced, it will cause the nervous system to slow down, creating a feeling or relaxation. This can produce a sedative effect which will relieve anxiety. People who suffer from bipolar disorder can benefit from benzos if they also suffer from anxiety, stress, and unprovoked anger. If you are wondering what are benzos, they are a very effective drug when taken as directed. 

What Does Benzo Abuse Look Like?

There are a few side effects associated with benzo use. A few of the most common include drowsiness, poor coordination, irritability, and hostility. There are many benzo users who have reported disturbing dreams when they are on the medication.

If you start to abuse benzos, they can do the exact opposite. Rather than helping with anxiety, benzo abuse can cause it. The worse the anxiety, the more pills you will take. It is not uncommon for surgeons to use benzos during surgery to cause amnesia. This amnesia can occur when you are abusing the drug as well, causing memory loss and blackouts. If you were to abuse benzos and other drugs, it can result in a coma and possibly, death. Each year, emergency rooms treat hundreds of people for problems associated with benzo abuse. 

What Are Benzos Withdrawals Like?

When it comes to withdrawal, benzos are one of the most difficult drugs to withdraw from. This is because the withdrawal symptoms can be very severe and long-lasting. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Severe anxiety
  • Depression
  • Migraine headaches
  • Body tremors
  • Muscle twitching
  • A burning sensation in the brain
  • Rapid heartbeat

If you have been using benzos for just a few months, it won’t take long to recover, however, if you are abusing the drug, it can take months or years to recover.

Recovering From Benzo Addiction

If you are abusing benzos and you want help, there are steps that can be taken to help minimize the withdrawal symptoms, making beating the addiction more bearable. Even if you have been abusing benzos for years, it is still possible to beat the addiction and live a sober life.

Although benzos are a prescribed medication, it is entirely possible to become dependent on the drug. The only way to beat the addiction is through professional help.

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