Why Can’t Teenagers Get their Hair Transplant Done?

Today, we are going to be talking about the basic knowledge on reasons, as to causes of hair loss. It is very important for us, to understand, the broad perspective of hair loss, one should get it done with an authenticated surgeon to get healthy hair. Hair transplant procedure might not work for teenagers, as the chemicals used and the process is very taxing, and the hair of teenagers might get from bad to worse.

“Hair loss” / baldness, is not connected with teenagers. Many numbers of causes contribute to thinning, balding, shedding of hair. Many factors can be associated with it, including genes, hair pulling (yes, quite a few of my known people, pull their hair after marriage and kids, also, what did I hear, they need treatment, well! I know, but they don’t think they need one), anyhow, besides that, unhealthy food habits, and so on and so forth.

Recent studies have proved that a hair transplant for teenagers is not a good idea. The people eligible for hair loss are those who have the following

Identifiable cause of hair loss.

Harvested donor hair, used to produce good grafts.

It is very difficult, even for a doctor to say about the hair loss/hair growth pattern in a teenager. Hence, it is very difficult to operate on a teenager. It is also not necessary that the hair will grow, in the future, quite a risky matter, I must say. Hair transplant in India is quite good because we have some of the best surgeons, around.

Any other option for teenagers.

  • Not everything is bad: In case you are a teenager or know of any teenager, suffering from hair loss, be assured, that help is around. The numbers of hair transplant alternatives are available, for positive results.
  • Natural ways to cure this issue.
  • Balanced diet: What we eat has an impact on our health, body, not just mentally, emotionally, but physically, also. Hair is no lesser. One should consume Lentils, Eggs, Fish, Bell Peppers, Sweet potatoes, in large quantities.

How much Vitamin D do you take?

New research even suggests that vitamin D may stimulate hair growth. It is important because when the hair remains fully functional, because of this, only. A new study reveals that hair growth can be possible due to Vitamin D

Let your hair also have a stress free life:

Too much stress or tension affects us in many ways, including hair loss. Besides, this, our hairstyles also affect hair loss, in one way or more, ponytails, dreadlocks, hair weaves, destroy the strength of hair.

Another method which can work is getting an FUE hair transplant done.

During FUE, a teenager will have more recovery time, compared to the rest and also lower the discomfort caused post operation, in comparison to other methods. Also, the possibility of long-term nerve damage is also not there. It also serves as an option to FUT.

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